Editors – Back Room (CD)

The disaffect vocals that are such a major facet of Editors’ sound is something that has to be related to prior acts, most notably Joy Division. For example, songs like “Blood” have the same wide-open style that “Transmission” has all those years ago. Every constituent part of Editors’ music is intricately tied to the rest of the music on the disc, even if there are wide spaces between each instrument. “Fall” is a slower track, and brings the Editors into a closer relationship to Interpol. However detached Editors might be from their audience, there is still a catchy aloofness to each track on “Back Room” that will cause each track to be played ad nauseam on any reputable indie rock show.

Tracks like “All Sparks” mix The Cure with Big Country in terms of depth; even when the band goes into repetitive arrangements, they do not last for long enough to draw the band into a rut. The synthesizer opening for “Camera” mix well with the crooned out, almost Franz Ferdinand-ish style to the vocals, and give Editors another distinctly different style to succeed with on this disc. “Camera” has Editors take a further step into synthesizers, as the synthesizers during this track approach a level nearing that of Europe. The presence of the synthesizer during “Camera” creates an entirely new atmosphere for the band, one that haunts listeners for well after the track (not to mention the disc) ends. “Fingers in the Factories” scales back the synthesizer and restores the bass line to former prominence; the unity of the two instruments may just be the catchiest development during the track, until the exhortations made by the vocals kick in. Each of the tracks on “Back Room” acts like a subsequent puzzle piece, so that by the end of the disc individuals have a complete idea of what the band is attempting to do with the disc.

The sped-up tempo of a song like “Fingers in the Factories” gives individuals enough in the way of a boost that all are able to make it through the rest of the disc. Without a weak space in Editors’ armor, this may just be the next big album in regards to the influential power of it; the style is not something that is completely new and divourced from the rest of music, but catches and links together some formerly distinct styles of music.

Top Tracks: Fingers in the Factories, All Sparks

Rating: 7.0/10

Editors – Back Room / 2006 Fader Label / 10 Tracks / http://www.editorsmusic.co.uk / http://www.faderlabel.com / Reviewed 09 April 2006


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