Electric Six – Dance Commander (CD)

Well, here’s yet another shot of the band that was claimed to be the savior of schlock-rock, tying together both city-mates The White Stripes and perennial shit-pile Andrew W.K. Containing the “Radio Edit” of Dance Commander, Electric Six also include a much less energized (and more palatable) unreleased track in “I Am Detroit”. Sounding more like a mix between mid-seventies Kiss and David Bowie, “I Am Detroit” suffers much less from the overblown guitar lines and overall joking-ness of Fire. Finishing up with a dance mix of “Dance Commander”, Electric Six goes the way of too many trashy pop stars in having a production team add the trite veneer in a brash ploy to get kandi kid listeners. Still, I can’t say anything bad about a disc that has “I Am Detroit” on it, besides to just download the track from Soulseek. Yup.

Rating : 5.0/10

Top Track : I Am Detroit

Electric Six – Dance Commander / 3 Songs / 2003 XL Recordings / http://www.electricsix.com / http://www.xl-recordings.com / Reviewed 12 November 2003

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