Endwell – Homeland Insecurity (CD)

I had presumed that Endwell was going to be another act that played a brand of Hawthorne Heights-like emo with their “Homeland Insecurity”, but in reality what results is a blend between the more metal-based hardcore of the current time and the emo style that is also large. The one thing that individuals will notice early on in the disc, specifically with their “The End” is that Endwell uses a modified version of the double bass pedals to create something that is qualitatively different from anything that has been released up to that point. The eighties style of “A Taste of Everest” brings a different style to listeners of Endwell.

There is still some nucleus in which individuals can find something common with the band, but the track is fundamentally different from “The End”, keeping individuals interested in the music. While some individuals may find fault with Endwell for going forth and mixing such a large number of styles during their “Homeland Insecurity”, the blend of styles is done in a way to create a sound that is specifically Endwell’s, something that very few acts can honestly say. Each of the songs that Endwell cuts during the earlier parts of “Homeland Insecurity” will get individuals up and fighting, and could conceivably be heard on Headbanger’s Ball or popular rock radio. Of all of these tracks, “Single and Loving It” is the one that has the best shot of making it into more notoriety. Endwell does well in crafting a controlled chaos throughout the entirety of “Homeland Insecurity”. In doing so, I feel as if the band crafts a vision of the future of rock music, tying together the stronger sections of both emo and metal music into something new and interesting.

There are very few bands that Endwell directly takes their influence from on “Homeland Insecurity”. A track like “Four Letter Words” has hints of the tough guy hardcore of the early nineties, but this is modified with a very melodic chorus that has hints of acts like Yellowcard present. Endwell is not an act I was familiar with before listening to “Homeland Insecurity”, but after hearing the album, the band may just be one of the strongest acts that Victory has signed in years. Make sure to pick up this album as well as keep listening to news about Endwell, as there is little doubt in my mind that the act will be able to take the reigns, should acts like Coheed and Cambria fall off of the face of the earth.

Top Tracks: Homeland Insecurity, Four Letter Words

Rating: 7.0/10

Endwell – Homeland Insecurity / 2006 Victory / 12 Tracks / http://www.endwellrock.com / http://www.victoryrecords.com / Reviewed 05 December 2006


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