Entrance – Prayer of Death (CD)

The soulful singing of Guy during the entirety of “Prayer of Death” is something that touches on a number of American tradition. First and most present in Guy’s music has to be the blues roots that all tracks on “Prayer of Death” have. There are also obvious nods to the American singer tradition, which touches on artists like Woody and Arlo Guthrie, Phil Ochs, and countless other artists both famous and not. The title track for “Prayer of Death” is much more soulful and even in a gospel vein. The vocals are what individuals should focus in on during this album; while the guitar playing is present and a major part of the music that Guy makes, the vocals are what the emotion in these tracks come.

Much like Cast King, the production on any of Entrance’s tracks does not need to do anything more than capture the guitars and vocals. This is due to the fact that Guy’s vocals and arrangements speak directly to the heart, regardless of what media the tracks are captured on. In much the same way, there is not a tie to any particular moment in American music. One could hear this on a 78 just as they can hear it on a CD. While individuals may fault Guy’s voice for crackling and not always being on key, I see that as some of the strongest parts of “Prayer of Death”. It is not that the vocals need to sound perfect, but rather that Guy shows the perfect emotion for the track.

That is exactly what ey does throughout “Prayer of Death”, a folk album that individuals will be able to sing along with a short period after picking up the album. A track may be four minutes or so, but Entrance stays with the listeners for much longer. Four minutes for Entrance is eight or twelve with the listener. The compositions may seem simple but are in all reality very complex. Aside from the vocals on the track, the way in which the vocals are delivered, the guitar lines, and the interplay between all of these provide different ways to interpret “Prayer of Death”. If you are a fan of the style at all, pick up this album. The purchase will be well worth it, and the disc will grace the player for months, if not years, to come.

Top Tracks: Prayer of Death, Pretty Baby

Rating: 7.1/10

Entrance – Prayer of Death / 2006 Entrance / http://www.entranceband.com / Reviewed 13 August 2006


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