Markus Enochson – Night Games (CD)

I was not familiar with Markus Enochson in the slightest before putting on “Night Games”. The first track is “How Good Is Your Imagination”, and the song acts as the perfect introduction. The song has a female set of vocals and really adds a quirky allure to the disc that is continued during the second track, “Keep On Getting By” (featuring Masayah). The second track has much more of a Flashdance/eighties sound to things, and as a result, brings R&B to a Chromeo-like sound.

The third track is the first “straight” track of “Night Games”, blending together something similar to the Cops theme with the Judge Wapner theme. What results is a slinky track that adds a tremendous amount of funk to the overall disc. It is interesting to note that this is one of a very few tracks that does not feature a guest vocalist, and Enochson still makes things interesting. The same downtempo sound is heard during “Love Is On The Way”, which uses the vocal skills of a Demtreus. The vocals are nothing to write home about, but the instrumentation is stand up and furthers the flow of the disc considerably. While it would be nice to have track after track as a hit, Enochson’s use of filler tracks are still smart in this context. The extended length of this disc ensures that it will be the perfect fit for a party. Individuals can go and stick “Night Games” on and ride it out for nearly seventy minutes until the disc has to be switched out.

The most solid set of vocals that individuals can find on “Night Games” has to be those that are laid down by Caroline, during “Hear Me”. This is a track that I could completely expect would be played on the dance charts or in any of a thousand different dance-themed clubs throughout the world. Individuals that are looking to go 200BPM with their music will not find much on “Night Games” that they will like. For those people that are trying to have a more chill type of night, “Night Games” would be a strong purchase. Give the disc a few spins and chances will be good that you can find one, two, or many more tracks that will get you up and dancing, even if the tempo is slower than many of the other dance albums that are out on the market at this current time.

Top Tracks: Thought I Saw, Done Excursion


Markus Enochson – Night Games / 2006 Sonar Kollektiv / 15 Tracks / / / Reviewed 02 June 2007


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