Two Bands to Check: Noctis Imperium and Litany For The Whale

Santa Rosa, CA’s LITANY FOR THE WHALE are as hard to categorize as their cryptic, vaguely unsettling moniker may suggest. Combining the epic, doomy hardcore of Cursed with the crusty sensibilities of Kylesa, their expansive, noisy sound borrows as much from the Jesus Lizard as it does Battlefields. The band recently completed the recording of their debut album Dolores at Prairie Sun Studios (The Melvins) and features artwork by Chris Taylor (Darkest Hour, Pig Destroyer, Pg 99). Look for the album on CD (and digital) from TBD Records, with the vinyl being handled by MolSook Records and The Perpetual Motion Machine. Litany for the Whale are currently gearing up for a full US tour to promote Dolores, and are aiming for nothing less than total sonic devastation.

“Here is a band to watch. If they’re this strong on their debut EP, in both musicianship and presentation, there’s a very good chance that these guys are going to get big. Judging by this record, that’s a good thing.” – Crustcake


Blackened death metal horde NOCTIS IMPERIUM hail from the war-torn streets of Anzoátegui, Venezuela. Their hostile environment has bred a palpable sense of rage and misanthropy into their battle-hardened black/death metal assault, which will appeal to fans of like-minded doomed souls Belphegor, Necrophobic, Endstille, and Marduk. After recruiting blastbeat mercenary Nick Barker on drums, the band recorded their upcoming debut album, forthcoming debut album, Glorification of Evil: The Age of the Golden Dawn (mastered by Alexander Krull) and are seeking to take their bloodthirsty quest for world domination onto a global level.

Aeneas Inferno: Vocals/Guitars
Hephaestion: Bass
Aegrimonia: Guitars
Nick Barker: Drums

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