VINYL LIFE out now on Cassette Tape + live release party

It’s the middle of summer and new episodes of Alf, Magnum P.I., Miami Vice, Silver Spoons and Facts Of Life don’t hit until September. Need some cool tunes to help pass the time? We we’ve got the freshest new cassette for your summer driving – It’s Vinyl Life! Play it out but don’t leave it in direct sunlight!

Emerging from Time Square NYC (circa Ed Koch) Vinyl Life is from the mean streets and brighter than hypercolor. It’s the energy of a fight between B.A. Barakas and Ivan Drago cut to tape. You’ll love this so much it will be more essential than a “My Buddy” doll. Wherever you go…your Vinyl Life cassette goes.

Vinyl life is built around a live show featuring the neatest keyboards, sampling devices and a master of ceremonies. Its core is comprised of founder Butcha (sounds like butcher), MC Phaze Future and keyboardist Richie Roxx (not to be confused with Poison’s Rikki Rocket). There’s a contemporary pop element here that’s hard to resist and it’s the “gear-only” philosophy that gives Vinyl Life a sound like no other. Studio tracks have a live feel because they are produced in a dub style – the mixing board is the main instrument.

New York City fans will be able to check us out live on September 5 when we take over Santos Party House for a full live show! What are your alternatives? It’s gonna be way better than Laser Tag, the NES Power Glove, the MCDLT and Freezie Freakies. Come on out for some fun!

The finest underground music beat publications have been talking up Vinyl Life to the max. Just check out the great quotes below! We have VINYL, CASSETTE and CD (a brand new technology) copies available. Each one of these collector’s item cassettes is unique and hand painted. Artists Jon Legere, Noah Post and Greg MacAvoy have all contributed their talents to this limited edition run. Sorry, we are out of 8 track copies.

Vinyl Life is available for interviews and LIVE gigs around the free world.

Get your Cassette online today or on Thursday at the Vinyl Life release party at Santos Party House in NYC on Saturday, September 5 @ 9PM. Laser light show by Technological Artisans and visuals by MoTiF Pictures

LP is now available from Insound, Downtown 304, Other Music, Juno UK, and the Tape Theory store. Coming soon – HHV in Berlin & more!



Vinyl Life pull off the combination of analogue keytones and party rap with total precision, nailing a stunning combination of every euro electronic artist from the past twenty or so years, and merging it with a ‘need to party lyrisism’ not seen since the like of Soulsonic Force.


“The album has a crispness and clarity that is rarely found in digitally composed works and, even better, it features some amazing classic synth sounds!”


“Overall Vinyl Life is well produced and encompasses genre and style-shifts with confidence usually expected of more experienced groups. A testament to what will come from their future releases.”


“Within the first 5 minutes of listening to the album I couldn’t help but think that I was listening to a hip-hop version of Kraftwerk.” – Boom Boom Chik


“Backed up by a soundtrack that spans over two decades of clubbing, all wrapped up in a tasty present day pastiche, New York City’s Vinyl Life at first sound a bit like classic Jungle Brothers, only with haircuts and designer jeans, before delving deeper into the club, ending up in the ladies toilets doing lines off somebody’s breast, losing any associations with the Brother’s afrocentric meanderings on the dancefloor of the club’s sweaty backroom where all the really cool kids hang out.”

“If you like it old skool, you will have made love the analog flavor of Vinyl Life.”


“This is a cracking little release where oldschool rap and analogue rave meet 2009.”


“Groups like Vinyl Life make the music industry interesting. Retro, edgy and cool, this is what youth music should be all about. Tape Theory clearly proves the creativity and energy of the group is limitless and suggests that the name Vinyl Life will soon be on everyone’s lips”


“They know no boundaries, no limits, no right from wrong.” – 8/10


“…imagine “Planet Funk” extending into a full length album with Kraftwerk’s blessing.”


“Good Life (It’s More Fun To Compute) is Vinyl Life’s ode to Kraftwerk and a pretty sick cover.”


“Slip their tracks on that old boombox of yours; you won’t have a clue what hit you.”


“Oldskool baby!”


“Similar to Edan and DJ Shadow, Vinyl Life offer a trip back to the golden age of dance music and hip hop, give it a listen and you might learn something too as Vinyl Life deftly acknowledge the past while bringing it into the future.” – Ventvox


“Amid the sonic reference to Kraftwerk and the Zulu Nation and the war against Autotune, an eighties sensibility emerges in more than the music—these guys walk the talk!”


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