Carpathian Forest – a remastered recording of the band’s great gig in Kraków out on a CD soon!

Metal Mind Productions presents a live album by Norwegian black metal legend – Carpathian Forest. The album entitled “We’re Going To Hollywood For This – Live Perversions” features a remastered recording of the band’s great gig in Kraków in early 2004. The track list includes a great range of material from the band’s albums – from “Through Chasm, Caves and Titan Woods” up to “Defending the Throne of Evil”.

Remastered edition will be available in a digipak edition limited to 1000 copies. The release date is scheduled for 26th January 2010 in USA (via MVD).

Carpathian Forest
“We’re Going To Hollywood For This – Live Perversions” (remastered)

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MASS CD 1277 DG
Barcode: 5907785035621
Format: CD DG (limited edition)
Genre: black metal
Release date: 19.10.2009 Europe / 26.01.2010 USA


1. Intro I (taken from Strange Old Brew)
2. Sadomasochistic
3. Bloodcleansing
4. Intro II (taken from Defending The Throne Of Evil)
5. It’s Darker Than You Think
6. Skjend Hans Lik
7. The Well Of All Human Tears
8. Mask Of The Slave
9. Morbid Fascination Of Death
10. Return Of The Freezing Winds
11. I Am Possessed
12. Intro III (taken from Black Shining Leather)
13. Black Shining Leather
14. Carpathian Forest
15. He’s Turning Blue
16. Nuclear Fucking Death Machine
17. Knokkelmann
18. Bloodlust and Perversion
19. Outro (taken from We’re Going To Hell For This)

Carpathian Forest was formed in 1990 by R. Nattefrost (a.k.a. Lord Nosferatu) and J. Nordavind (a.k.a. Lord Karnstein). The band is enjoying near cult status in the scene. Emerged at first with the demo tape “Bloodlust & Perversion” (1992), they received sudden enthusiastic responses from the underground. Their obsessive, morbid and grim sound has always been a firm trademark. In 1993 they recorded “Journey Through the Cold Moors of Svarttjern”. In 1995 they signed to Avantgarde, who released “Through Chasm and Titan Woods” MCD. Their first full-length “Black Shining Leather” was out in 1998 (it featured Lazare from Solefald on drums). In 2000 they entered Sound Suite Studio to record “Strange Old Brew”, the first of their two-album concept. It was concluded in 2001 with “Morbid Fascination of Death”. During that period the line-up stabilized – A. Kobro (In The Woods, Green Carnation) became the permanent drummer, Tchort (Emperor, Satyricon, Blood Red Throne, Green Carnation) joined on guitar/bass and Vrangsinn (World Destroyer) on bass/synth. The album contained a couple of extras like Mayhem cover “Ghoul” or new versions of the bands own classic’s “Carpathian Forest” and “The Last Sigh of Nostalgia” (originally on Promo 1993). It was also the last album recorded with J. Nordavind, the band co-founder, who decided to part ways with the band. After a huge European tour with Behemoth Carpathian Forest entered the studio to record “We’re Going to Hell for This – Over a Decade of Perversion” (out in 2002). The album was a compilation of brand new tracks, live tracks, covers and demos. After that released the co-operation with Avantgarde expired and the band moved to Season of Mist. In summer 2002 “Defending the Throne of Evil” was created in Sound Suite Studio (released in March 2003). Bloodpervertor joined the band on the guitar and in the new line-up the band performed at Wacken Open Air 2003, in front of 400.000 audience. In 2006 the band released their fifth studio album entitled “Fuck You All!!!! Caput tuum in ano est”. Carpathian Forest’s forthcoming album, “Universal Evil”, is going to be released in December 2009.

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