East Arcadia-Demo (CD)

East Arcadia Demo-Despite the decidedly emo sounding name, East Arcadia is a very hard hitting punk band with sharp vocals and ever present bass lines. The drums, being played at a breakneck speed, never fail to keep up with the superb vocals and guitar playing and add a whole new dimension to the band. When I received this cd, I noticed the lyric sheet, which was just a sheet of paper printed and put over the card. I didn’t honestly expect much from the recording, but I was blown away as the band sounds crystal clear, even down to the lyrics of the singer, which is an amazing feat for an independent band.

The songs are all catchy, hook-laden punk songs that will attack your brain until you cant do anything but sing them. Another pitfall that East Arcadia avoids is the repetition of riffs or song lyric composition making each song a work of art. The band definitly has been influenced by GOB, Rancid, Unwritten Law while bringing their own talents and special quarks to the table. The most enjoyable part of the Demo for me would have to be the amazing guitar solos that are in almost every song by East Arcadia.


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