Edenpark – The ____ Album (CD)

“Ruthless Warrior” is a track that is a mixture of rock and punk music, which creates Edenpark’s sound as something that is almost hardcore in its implementation. The use of multiple vocals during the track give the track a full sound that is a good introduction, considering the true “Intro” is a little too long for individuals to stay interested throughout. The fact that Edenpark sticks in a second set of vocals and changes the track up slightly makes the band into a Mike Patton / Faith No More type of eclectic rock act, something that is sorely lacking in current music.

The bass comes to major prominence during “New Way Home”, but the major thing that holds Edenpark back is shown during this track. The overall sound of the album is decent, but the production makes each separate instrument fuzz into the others, which makes the instruments stand out less than they normally would. The catchiness of each song on this album is strong enough to shine through the problems associated with the production, so individuals will know exactly what Edenpark is trying to do with this disc. The band shoots out so many tentacles with this album that individuals have no idea what the band is coming up with for the next track, but listeners can be sure that something that is impressive is just around the bend. The interesting thing about this album is that the tracks were committed to disc over a year ago, and yet the music on the album sounds as if the individuals committed all of these tracks to disc just a few days ago.

There are no artifacts on this album that tag it to a specific period, and the fact that Edenpark approach about 30 different musical styles during this disc should show that the probability that this disc will be dated is extremely low. I’m not sure where Edenpark will go for their next few albums, as there is not anything that specifically is linked to this album. Different parts of the band can be used again for the next few albums, and styles that the band have not approached with this disc can just be used later. As long as the band does not try to rush their next album, chances are good that Edenpark will have another strong album on their hands when they release their next disc.

Top Tracks: Angrified, Ruthless Warrior

Rating: 6.5/10

Edenpark – The ____ Album / 2006 PoorBoy / 16 Tracks / http://www.edenpark-pa.com / http://www.poorboy-records.com / Reviewed 25 May 2006


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