ee – for 100 we try harder (CD)

2002, Asian Man Records. Indie rock from the recesses of the scene that is definitely music to be listened to, although it doubles quite well for incidental music. One’s heart is taken for a ride during this CD, as feelings of emotions shine though, making it quite like the proverbial rollercoaster ride. Brilliant flashes of guitars and clashing drums give way to solemn, quiet instrumental tracks.

Similar to el gigante, Stereophonics, and Built to Spill, this band really expands its horizons on this album. Instruments such as the banjo are used in tracks like “drunken carthage”, and the absence of vocals from a number of tracks paint more vividly the emotions expressed during the album. Also, in the pure musical sense of things, the instrumental tracks allow the band to really experiment with the tried-and-true instrumentation of the genre, and compose purely innovative tracks that ingrain themselves into one’s head. Please pick up this album if you can, as this one will be in my player for the next few months. Typically, I just ignore the promo material sent with the band, but the sheet I received from Asian Man really nails the album on the head :”A fluid mixture of textured pop, improvisational post-rock, torrential washes of noise, and droning instruments gives EE the ability to “challenge the indie rock status quo.” Go to, and I am sure you can buy it for a song.
Rating: 8.3/10.

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