(Hed)pe Shoots “Here And Now” Video With Dale Resteghini of Raging Nation Films (Mudvayne, Trivium)

(Hed)pe have announced they will shoot a video for their new single “Here And Now” with director Dale Resteghini of Raging Nation Films (Mudvayne, Trivium). The video is expected to surface in the coming weeks, while “Here And Now” is now available through iTunes and other digital retailers. The track will also appear on a re-released version of (Hed)pe’s “New World Orphans” along with brand new cover artwork.

“I am very excited for this new ‘Here and Now’ video. The director came with a really cool idea. We are going to film it in New York City and have me playing an ‘End of The World’ homeless type of guy preaching on a soapbox,” commented Jared from (Hed)pe. “That gives me a chance to get in some imagery of what I actually believe we are in the middle of. I hope we can convey that message, that this is not the end of the world but actually the beginning of the Golden Age. I know our people will enjoy this video and we can’t wait to share it with our fans.”

For years (Hed)pe has pushed the boundaries of free speech and socially acceptable content, but with their seventh studio album, “New World Orphans”, the band has finally found its purpose. The group’s new album exposes the corruption and the web of lies that are being force fed to the American youth and finds (Hed)pe leading the charge as the leaders of The Truth Movement.

“New World Orphans” was initially released with 3 different covers, with each version containing exclusive bonus tracks. New pressings will now be replaced by the re-released version of the album which features one standard cover and the bonus track “Here And Now”.

“We originally released our new album with three different covers, but we’ve now decided to make those collector’s editions for the hardcore fans that bought our album first and helped us spread the Truth Movement to the masses,” added Jared. “We’ve now stopped production on those three covers and replaced all new pressings with one cover and added the song ‘Here And Now’ to the record. If anyone wants the bonus tracks contained on those earlier three versions you better find copies now before they become extinct!”



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