Singer/Songwriter Haroula Rose Finds Inspriation For Debut EP “Someday”

When Haroula Rose left for Spain on a Fulbright scholarship in 2005, the last place the singer/songwriter thought she would return was Los Angeles. But Someday, her debut EP, brings the multi-instrumentalist full circle with “five dreamy melodies” taking listeners on “a gentle and enjoyable acoustic trip into poetic lyricism and soft guitar playing.”(- noizemakesenemies, UK blog) Someday is currently available on iTunes.

With “introspective vocals that breathe life into highly personal lyrics” (- snobsmusic Blog), Someday aptly capture the intimacy and influence of her journey abroad.

Haroula explains, “I think music is the pinnacle of human expression – its woes, its joys; its complexity and its simplicity, all at once.”

The disc opens with the title track which is akin to a modern-day version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” with a strong feeling of longing to be somewhere or someone else and the hope for what is to come: “Somewhere seems so nice and new/Someday dreams they can come true/I’ll find a way to someday soon…”

Following is the aptly titled, “Love Will Follow” – a melancholy ballad with lilting vocals and resonator guitar; “If I Could Pray,” with hand claps and a meditative tone; the tender and vulnerable “The Leaving Song”, and finally “Lay me Down,” a modern lullaby with changes in time and the strings that give it an ethereal quality against her angelic vocals.

“[Someday] fuses delicate vocals, a beautiful piano and a gentle guitar echoing in the background.” – ForFolksSake

“I have a feeling that “Someday” Haroula Rose will be big.” – noizemakesenemies blog

“Nurturing an organic, windswept sound borne of folk and alt. country influences, Rose – whose soft, unaffected voice recalls Alison Krauss and perhaps Mindy Smith – is generously supported by delicate melodies and arrangements.” –

A native of Chicago, Haroula spent two years abroad based in Madrid on a Fulbright grant. Amidst her travels throughout Europe (most notably Scandinavia and the Balkans), The Middle East and North Africa, she was inspired by the music and cultures.

She has become fluent in Spanish and is a collector of rare instruments as well those that remind her of the places she has visited, including a hand-crafted nylon string guitar from the flamenco district of Madrid.

This fall, Haroula will record her full length debut in Athens, Georgia with Andy Lemaster.

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