UK art-rocker duo Omo, featuring Berit Immig of The Chap (Ghostly International/LOAF) and visual artist David Muth has just released a brand new video for their song “Oversized.” The song is featured on the band’s debut, The White Album, as well as a split 7-inch with The Chap for “Oversized”/ “Well Done You.” Both releases are available now on UK label LOAF.

According to “Oversized” director Matilda Tristram, “Omo wanted something playful and fun to go with the feel of the music. We decided early on that a literal interpretation of the lyrics was not so important… it would have been too easy to just make a lots of big cakes and pies and oversized people. I had had a few ideas that never seemed to fit with anything I was doing before: a skipping meatball, transforming biscuits and a loaf of bread that cuts itself up…. For a long time I made a mistake and thought that the song was called ‘Pre wash stain remover’… I like to work with familar objects and make them do peculiar things, similar to the music in a way, cosy and familiar sounding, then at the same time surprising and odd! It was a mixture of traditional stopframe, live action, and a tiny tiny bit of computer trickery.”

Omo’s The White Album is an album full of spiky little pop gems. A little like Laurie Anderson jamming with the Tom Tom Club, or a collaboration of Laurie Anderson and Young Marble Giants, mixed by Ricardo Villalobos, occasionally joined by Enoch Light on vibes and Raymond Scott on synthesiser. This is a surefire chart hit in a parallel universe where all TV programmes are made by David Lynch and every household owns a hover car. If you’re looking for music with depth and character, that is fun and wants to get to know you, meet Omo.

Omo’s 7-inch split is done with the kings of school teacher Dada pop that never fail to entertain, The Chap. “Well Done You” is as smooth as baby food, spiky as a sea urchin and as fruity as Leslie Nielsen. Their tribute to achievement is a ‘”top notch'”slice of noughties pop that will have you grinning all the way to the Bill Gates motivational speech.

“The Chap are both gear and fab” – John Peel

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