Feverdream – Freeze! (CD)

Starting up with an extremely emotive bass line laid down by Saskia, Feverdream’s EP of previously unreleased tracks start off with a middle-of-the-group tempo and typical arrangements. The start-stop feel of the first track, America shows a band that is cohesive, if not a little bland. The style of music that Feverdream plays is nothing out of the ordinary, in pretty much the same vein as practically everything that is played on the larger alternative rock stations. This is not to say that Feverdream is not a talented band, but that their songs feel abnormally uninspired. Some of the subject matter is just odd, especially during “My Johnson”, an ode to Saskia’s penis. The song has such memorable lines as “Do you know what it feels like to be that hung” and includes the first mention of dancing (a very common thread on this EP).

The only track that really hits me is “America”, a stream-of-consciousness rant about America from thousands of miles away. While the method in which America will “pay the price” for “the niggers burning on crosses”, just discussing our excesses helps inform other individuals in trying to change American policy. Other tracks do not have that intelligent commentary and discuss much more pedestrian matters (including a love-song about a date). The culling of material from these three different sessions make this EP somewhat disjointed. “America” is more loud and crunchy than “Adapt ‘til You Snap”, and besides the tepid guitar work, there is nothing really to connect the two. Finally breaking out of their torpor with the final track, “4 Times Lucky 7 Makes A Man The Man” shows some punk and ska influences. Feverdream mentions a number of random bands on their press sheets (Shellac, The Van Pelt, and Blonde Redhead) that mean absolutely nothing to me, and much like those bands, really affect me in no meaningful way when I hear them.

Perhaps it is because they share “stages with the who’s who in the international indie-rock world”, but there is nothing catchy or innovative about Feverdream. Maybe it is because Feverdream cut tracks that were not up to their normal level, but this album has no oomph, no soul, and really shows no reason why Feverdream should have gotten a good review in either Punk Planet or Kerrang. Pick up their earlier release; this is purely an album for the completists.

Top Tracks: None

Rating: 3.5/10

Feverdream – Freeze! / 2004 Coalition / 5 Tracks / http://www.feverdream.nl / http://www.coalition-records.com / Reviewed 23 January 2005

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