Final Conflict – No Peace on Earth, No Rest In Hell (CD)

Final Conflict start out their “No Peace on Earth” CD with an introduction to “Burning Bush” that seems much more proper for a rockabilly CD than the roughshod punk rock that is the common style on the disc. There is present in Final Conflict’s construction of punk music a sound that is tremendously influenced by acts like D.R.I. and the Circle Jerks. Songs like “Where’s The Threat” take up the cause of an Anthrax and Megadeth, showing that the band can play harder and lighter styles of punk given different circumstances. Each of the songs on “No Peace on Earth” are short enough to allow Final Conflict to bail out of a song without losing too much momentum; each of the tracks are solid enough that the band does not need to resort to that, but the option is always nice for a band to have.

Final Conflict plays punk with the intensity that some of the most storied bands of the past had; this is not music created to sell hundreds of thousands of copies of their album, like so-called punk acts like New Found Glory and Green Day. The band is able to put enough tracks on “No Peace on Earth” to make a full album; where many of their contemporaries will slap thirteen songs on a disc and be out of there before the twenty-five minute mark hits, Final Conflict sticks with the album until the thirty-three minute mark. The band’s guitar work on tracks like “Born Again” may get repetitive (the song almost breaks the three minute mark), but the band does well in changing up their output enough to keep individuals interest in what the band is playing.

For example, a track like “21 Days” brings the band into an almost crust-like approach to punk music; this late track shows that the band does not merely put their best tracks at the beginning of the disc and hope that individuals never get to the second half of the album. Even though Final Conflict has not made a name for themselves before this album came out, I have a feeling that a lot more individuals will be extolling the virtues of the band after listening to “No Peace on Earth, No Rest in Hell”. Final Conflict is the example of a newer punk band that can still create interesting music that is not a carbon copy of what is already out in the scene.

Top Tracks: Born Again, Remember Vietnam

Rating: 6.2/10

Final Conflict – No Peace on Earth, No Rest In Hell / 2006 SOS / 15 Tracks / / / Reviewed 29 October 2006


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