The Films – S/T EP (CD)

The three cuts on this EP only total out to be a little over eight minutes, but this amount seems much longer when one considers that one of the most genuinely catchy songs of the last five years, “Black Shoes” is present here. Still, “Come On” is cut from a similar cloth and adds much to the affective time of the EP, coming through with all the clarity of a sixties song while still having an alternative Spartan sound to it. The simplisticity that opens up the EP during “That Kind of Day” is bolstered by a similar simplistic sound issuing forth from the synthesizer on the track.

If “Black Shoes” is not catapulted into the highest levels of rotation in the next few months, a tremendous disservice will be done to The Films. The production levels of “Black Shoes” is perfect; this is shown by the levels and levels of layers that give the entire track a certain sheen that does not simply leave at the ending of the song. “Come On” is a track that is not as immediately catchy as “Black Shoes”, but really fires on a different set of influences than the previous tracks on the EP. With a sound that is diverse enough to tie together hints of The Doors, Interpol, and Call Me Lightning, The Films really provide listeners with a tremendously catchy lure, a reason to pick up their upcoming CD. Out of this EP, do not be surprised if two of the tracks find their way into pop radio; both “That Kind of Day” and “Black Shoes” have a catchy melody that are only bolstered by intelligent arrangement and more than competent musicianship. “Black Shoes” may just be noteqorthy in the wild way they convert the same general sound of rock that propelled Green Day through their “American Idiot” album and put it into a prim and proper form that still has some of the fuck-off energy present in all punk-influenced recordings.

Here’s to hoping that the full length comes out with this interesting and exciting pop music, of which there has been little to occupy the minds and hearts of listeners since the downfall in quality of Weezer. The Films seem ready on this three track album to inherit the mantle from Rivers Cuomo, it will just be a few months to see whether they can honestly assume or if they are pretenders to the the throne.

Top Track: Black Shoes

Rating: 7.0/10

The Films – S/T EP / 2005 Filter / 3 Tracks / / / Reviewed 30 December 2005


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