A WILHELM SCREAM Tour in Support of New EP at Soundwave Festivals

The band’s s/t EP is their first release in over two years, and finds the group expanding on their blend of technical punk and hardcore. Picking up where 2007’s Career Suicide left off, A Wilhelm Scream showcase their ability to shred on new cuts such as “Skid Rock” and “Bullet Proof Tiger,” while “Australias” and “Fun Time” are destined to become live favorites with big sing-along verses and choruses.

With a new label, Paper + Plastick, supporting them, the five-piece took to their own Black & Blue studios in New Bedford to record the new EP. Previously working with punk veterans Bill Stevenson (Descendants, Black Flag) and Jason Livermore, guitarist/vocalist Trevor Reilly states, “We took a crack at recording ourselves. This five song EP is an eclectic mix of all the avenues the band have gone down since Mute Print.”
Feb 20 – Brisbane, AUS @ SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL 2010
Feb 21 – Sydney, AUS @ SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL 2010
Feb 26 – Melbourne, AUS @ SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL 2010
Feb 27 – Adelaide, AUS @ SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL 2010
Mar 1 – Perth, AUS @ SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL 2010


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