Despite their un-Googleable name, Portland, Oregon’s Church have amassed a sizable and dedicated following along the West Coast over the last three years–partially through their intense touring ethic and consistent presence in the Portland house show scene, but mostly because when you see them, your mind gets blown. Brothers Brandon and Richard Laws grew up listening to disparate things like Kraftwerk and The Beach Boys (I am not inferring that’s what they sound like, fyi–it’s anecdotal, but applicable, context), a fact that speaks to the core of the duo’s haunting vocal harmonies, rich verbal imagery and unpredictably angular guitar science, which meshes passionately and immediately with Christof Hendrickson’s Rhodes, Moog and Omnikorg magic and Lane Barrington’s complex, driving percussion. They are distinctly themselves, and they are distinctly amazingly great–two traits that don’t conjoin nearly as much as one would think. They’re as down to masterfully mesh Bollywood samples with tin-foil piano as they are to bust out hushed a capella harmonies or bring a pop climax to full-tilt power shred mode.

Church is going to have a LOT going on in 2010 (look for news re: reissues from Hush Records and a full-length on Tender Loving Empire, plus a ton of news about touring), but right now, we want to make sure you know that they’re about to hit the road in further support of their last effort on Tender Loving Empire, Song Force Crystal.

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“The best, most unfuckwithable, avant-pop I’ve heard…my default jam of the month. One of Portland’s finest indie outfits.” -Portland Mercury

“A perfection of textures that leaves little room for improvement.” -Vanguard

“From the onset, Song Force Crystal moves with the mystery and spice of new fantastic travels on the verge of fertile oblivion.”–Parasites and Synchophants

AND, finally:


12.16.09 – Los Angeles, CA @ Historical Marker 157 w/ The Finches
12.17.09 – Santa Cru, CA @ The Church
12.29.09 – San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern
01.02.10 – Sebastopol, CA @ Aubergine
01.04.10 – Sacramento, CA @ The Press Club
01.05.10 – Redding, CA @ Downtown Eatery
01.07.10 – Salem, OR @ The Space

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