Class Actress began in Elizabeth Harper’s bedroom along with producer/psychoanalyst Mark Richardson and some choice vintage synths. The songs quickly grew legs, strutted out of the Greenpoint apartment and now can be seen lighting up all over dark stages. The band pulls from a variety of styles, ranging from the 80’s synth pop of Depeche Mode and New Order, the vivaciousness and sexuality of early Madonna, and the bubbly heartbreak of Mazzy Star.

“Class Actress is: Guilty Pleasure. NSA dance music. Casual Encounters. Stalker Pop. “Depeche Mode meets early Madonna and Five Star as played on KTU Radio in the leather backseat of a cab”. Class Actress is not: Acting Class”. -Caroline Polachek (Chairlift)

Class Actress’ debut EP, entitled Journal of Ardency, comes out February 9 on Terrible Records (Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear’s new label with Ethan Silverman), available digitally and on 10″ vinyl. It also features songs produced by Scott Rosenthal and Jorge Elbrecht of Lansing-Drieden fame.

“Unabashedly slick electro-pop beats juxtaposed with coy, romantically depressed vocals courtesy of star-in-the-making Elizabeth Harper.” – (Cover Story) Brooklyn’s Sonic Boom – The 40 Songs That Define the Sound — New York Magazine

“Elizabeth Harper is a Class Actress, that being the name of her musical solo-project-cum-band, an electro-pop outfit sonically not to far afield of their Brooklyn neighbors Chairlift…a stack of interesting, well-composed retro new wave, and the exuberant drum-machine beat and Tears for Fears synths on “All the Saints” are tied together with Harper’s romantically smoky vocal performance.” – Pitchfork

“All the Saints” is built firmly around a squelchy Italo bass synth and vocalist Elizabeth Harper’s aggressively playful performance. Class Actress might reside in the current indie band Mecca, but they sound like citizens, not pilgrims.” – PrefixMag

“Harper is a beauty with a voice like a sleepy winter afternoon. Alternately playful and melancholy, Harper’s songwriting is reminiscent of the Smiths.” – Time Out New York

“Impeccable in both presentation and performance, [Class Actress’] songs recall Orange Juice, Aztec Camera, and New Order at their most tasteful.” – Flavorpill

“We’ve gone on record repeatedly about how much we love Elizabeth Harper, and we stand by our assertion that she’s fronting one of the most promising bands in New York City….She’s got one of the best voices we’ve ever heard and her taste in accompaniment is impeccable” – L Magazine

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