Dan Mangan Tours

03 Dec 2009 – Feldkirch @ Graf Hugo
04 Dec 2009 – Leipzig @ Paris Syndrom
05 Dec 2009 – Unna @ Spatz & Wal
06 Dec 2009 – Eindhoven @ Effenaar
07 Dec 2009 – Gent @ Video
08 Dec 2009 – Melkweg @ Amsterdam
09 Dec 2009 – Ultrecht @ Tivoli De Helling
10 Dec 2009 – Den Haag @ Paard van Troje

Vue Magazine – http://www.vueweekly.com/
Uptown Magazine – http://www.uptownmag.com/2009-10-22/feature.aspx
Ottawa Xpress – http://www.ottawaxpress.ca/music/music.aspx?iIDArticle=18470
The Georgia Straight – http://www.straight.com/article-249279/next-big-indie-king

Media Reaction to Dan Mangan and “Nice, Nice, Very Nice

“Stealing his title from a poem in the classic Kurt Vonnegut novel Cat’s Cradle, Dan Mangan has crafted a near-perfect indie rock album. Simple yet varied, each of these 12 songs could easily stand alone as a sparkling single. If you think that I’m overenthusiastic about this album, try listening to the chorus of “Robots” without singing along: “Robots need love too!” Go on, I dare you! See Magazine

“Mangan has a sharp, observational eye and if he chose to, could probably deliver it with just as sharp a tongue but there’s no mistaking the genuine affection for the characters that inhabit his songs, rich with both humour and sadness. It’s the same sort of gift that John K Samson possesses and while Mangan prefers a more rootsy vehicle for his tunes, Weakerthans comparisons are not out of line and should be taken as compliments. It was obvious that Mangan has already built himself a sizable fanbase, but there was also a sense that this show was catching him on the cusp of bigger things – at least if Very Nice gets the attention it deserves.” Chromewaves

“…Knocks you flat on your ass… Mangan’s career is clearly on the rise. Hop on board and enjoy the ride.” – Exclaim!

“From his unusual and razor-sharp phrasing to the sage poetry in his everyday-life observations, he’s in the ranks of geniuses such as Greg Brown, Nick Drake or Badly Drawn Boy.” – The Province

“He’s an observer in the sense you’d want to join him on a patio for a drink just to see the city through his eyes for an afternoon. Until then, Nice, Nice, Very Nice effectively lets you pretend for just over 40 mesmerizing minutes.” – Chartattack

“Truly, Mangan’s baladeering, his excellent construct, his permeating, poetically-phrased observations would be fantastic as is, but the fact that Mangan can insert his personality into the music makes it all the more appealing. There is grandeur to this music, effortless grandeur, and, what’s more, it’s as fun as it is challenging and interesting.” – Hour/Xpress

“ He caters skilfully both to the concrete and the abstract, concisely conveying his meanings by first painting a striking image of his surroundings, then following it by presenting an emotional or social situation. Material like his sophomore release, Nice, Nice, Very Nice, doesn’t surface too often.” 30 Music

“It’s hard to believe that this new collection of stellar songs won’t help him leave each tour stop with countless new fans in his corner.” – Herohill

“The obvious thing to say here is something along the lines of “Robots be damned, you’re going to love Dan Mangan by the end of Nice, Nice, Very Nice.” I can’t think of any better way to close out this review, however, so just do yourself a favour and get this album, because it’s so phenomenal that it’s impossible to resist.” iheartmusic

“With some of his strongest work to date and an already large fan-base, Nice, Nice, Very Nice could very well be the album that solidifies Mangan as the standout artist he is.” –Discorder

“Ultimately, it’s that ability to write lyrics that beg for some consideration of their meanings” – Vue Weekly

“If you like The Weakerthans or early Hawskley Workman, you’ll love this record. It’s all well crafted singer-songwriter stuff with impressive range.” –Metro

“Listeners wouldn’t expect the cheeky content to sail through waves of dynamic choral balladeering and colourful instrumentation, but Mangan doesn’t only pull it off, he makes it soar.” – SoundProof Magazine


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