DEEP ELM RECORDS is pleased to announce the release of MOONLIT SAILOR’s sophomore album “SO CLOSE TO LIFE” which is available now on iTunes, eMusic, Amazon and most other digital music services worldwide.

MOONLIT SAILOR isn’t reinventing the post-rock genre on their sophomore full-length SO CLOSE TO LIFE…they are well on their way to perfecting it. This Swedish outfit laces cinematic, rise-and-ripple moments with unpredictable hooks and catchy melodies that effectively hold your hand through the peaks and valleys of emotional connection within their songs. These young lasses know exactly how to snare a listener with layers and mood…slowly, effortlessly, quietly (well, not always quietly) reeling you in. An instrumentally solid, exploratory and dynamically varied album with intense depth, SO CLOSE TO LIFE is filled with highly spiritual and epic moments. For those yearning for a post-rock masterpiece, this is essential listening. This album is that good. It gives you hope.

Preview / Get a Free Download of “Hope”: and also see the gorgeous artwork.

“The theme or feeling behind this record is life experiences. The true beauty of music without words is that it can mean something different to each one of us…it’s so close to life…it’s about substance above all else. Each song title was determined based on what the song reminds the band of (for example, this reminds us of…Hope, this reminds us of…Fresh Snow, etc.)” says bass guitarist Markus Rundlof. “We were very fortunate to have fantastic artist Alexander Jansson design our cover. We wanted people to feel the music by just looking at the cover, and it achieves just that…it makes one curious and conjures thought. Every song title is represented in some way in the artwork. For example, the anchor refers to the song Hope and the aeroplane refers to Landvetter (an airport near Gothenburg)” adds Rundlof. You can’t judge a book (album) by its cover, but you can when the band is MOONLIT SAILOR.

MOONLIT SAILOR is Adam Tornblad (drums, percussion, keyboards, guitar, programming), Markus Rundlof (bass, keyboards), Oscar Gulbrandsen (guitar, keyboards) and Joakim Wiik (guitar, programming, keyboard, keyboards, glockenspiel). Per-Ola Eriksson played rhodes and keyboards on ‘A Week Without Sunlight’ and ‘Waiting For Nothing.’ ‘ SO CLOSE TO LIFE was recorded at Studio Kepner Trec in Gothenburg, Sweden (May through June 2009). It was engineered, mixed and mastered by Martin Lundmark (of September Malevolence) and Per-Ola Eriksson. The band resides in Boras, Sweden where they often experience weeks without sunlight.

Genre(s): Post-Rock, Indie Rock, Emo-spheric, Emo

Recommended For Fans of: Explosions In The Sky, Sigur Ros, The Appleseed Cast, Moving Mountains, Six Parts Seven, American Football

“Patterns of swelling and subsiding like ocean waves create this modern rock masterpiece.” – Tollbooth
“Bombastic drumwork and the prettiest guitars craft one of the most engaging releases as of late.” – Silent Ballet
“Moonlit Sailor are in possession of a wealth of post-rock potential. Too good!” – Absolute Punk

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