Fools & Horses – Pop Filter (CD)

The band bounces forward with a sly bit of indie rock music that works well alongside acts like Modest Mouse. When the band moves into songs like “Fly Me To The Moon”, there is a much more hair-band like influence to their music. It is almost as if the band has taken the complete works of Slaughter and Boston and united them for this four minute track. The blues-laden guitar track on “Fly Me To The Moon” brings an entirely new crowd into full appreciation of Fools & Horses. Fools & Horses jump into another style when they start their “The Therapy”.

In this song, a sixties pop rock sound is merged with a Dave Matthews type of jam-band sound. Each of the tracks on “Pop Filter” are songs that could conceivably be on a radio station. Depending on which track individuals pick on “Pop Filter”, Fools & Horses could be on classic rock, pop, or even adult contemporary stations. The band does not really experiment much on this album, but operates on a different plane than practically any other band on the market. While other bands have done the myriad of styles type of thing on their album, most of the bands are trying to grab the brass ring and make it big instead of doing the album for their own satisfaction. “Somebody Waits” is a track that is qualitatively different than anything else that Fools & Horses have came out with; the much more nuanced sound of the track is still something that is pop-influenced, but is much more deep than the rest of the tracks on the disc.

Fools & Horses actually break free of their general style during “Somebody Waits” to experiment with how the guitar sounds; the extension of this sound should bring individuals in to the fold that would not normally have focused into the band otherwise. The band is completely off the radar at this point of time, but this solid album should show enough listeners that Fools & Horses are in the driver’s seat when it comes to their own musical destiny. A lack of weak spots on this disc makes this one of the first truly independent albums to be a much buy this year. Here’s to hoping that Fools & Horses can come out with more albums in this same vein; this is a slam dunk any way that one cuts it.

Top Tracks: Love Song, Somebody Waits

Rating: 6.2/10

Fools & Horses – Pop Filter / 2005 L is for Lothar / 12 Tracks / / Reviewed 28 June 2006


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