Full Moon Revue – S’About Time (CD)

I was a little shy about wanting to review this disc when I first got it in, ad “Don’t Forget” does a lot to assuage any of the fears I might have had. The vocals on the track are immediately reminiscent of Warren Zevon, while the guitar work smacks of both Santana and Zevon’s studio guitars, making for a very-seventies sounding track to start out this disc. Full Moon Revue moves into country for their “When You’re Down”, only moving to a Jimmy Buffet-esque style of rock during “Ruminations’. One thing that is continuous throughout the disc is the present of intensely and immensely intricate guitar work during every track on “S’About Time”. Each of the tracks is masterfully produced, but the tracks themselves feel to be lacking something important. It feels almost as if Full Moon Revue has the form done but not necessarily the soul necessary to create proper emotional investment in the disc. Perhaps it is due to all the differing duties of the large band, but there is some disconnect between the impressive instrumentation and this lack.

Some of the tracks are beautiful, don’t get me wrong. For example, “What’s It All For?” is a track I could conceivably hear on the oldies station on the radio, but the Full Moon Revue has updated their sound for this track to such a degree that it could be also on the alternative radio station. The jumping through different genres makes for a divided focus to the disc. This divided focus is one of the major problems I can find with this disc, as each sojourn that Full Moon Revue makes into country (like the aforementioned “When You’re Down” or “Shattered Pieces) draws and momentum that the disc has to a close.

Full Moon Revue’s “S’About Time” is a slow, plodding disc that is not cutting-edge in the music attempted. Nor, do I believe that this was the point of the band, but the band does do well in creating their style of music. Some of the tracks do break out of the oldies-rock groove (“What’s It All For?”, “My Role Now”) and these are the most exciting fare to be found on this disc. Both of the tracks show a band that is not stagnant and actually desires to change their own status quo, and as such does nothing but increase their stock in my eyes.

Top Tracks: What’s It All For?, My Role Now

Rating: 5.8/10

Full Moon Revue – S’About Time / 2004 Self-Released / 12 Tracks / http://www.fullmoonrevue.com / http://www.crossroadsmusic.ws / Reviewed 10 March 2005

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