Hail Of Bullets premiere new video for “Warsaw Rising” on MetalInjection.net!

MetalInjection.net, the internet’s source for the most (in quantity and substance) metal videos, is bringing you the latest assault from Hail Of Bullets! Warsaw Rising, from the EP of the same title, is a live video that features Martin Van Drunen and co.’s crushing live show. The video can be seen RIGHT NOW on MetalInjection.net!

Warsaw Rising features two new tracks, Warsaw Rising and Liberators, live tracks for Red Wolves Of Stalin, Nachthexen, The Crucial Offensive, and a cover of Twisted Sister’s Destroyer. You can purchase the EP on iTunes HERE. European fans can buy the EP on emp.de HERE.

“I don’t know if it’s their wealth of experience, pure talent, or sheer love of the music, but this band has just the right energy and atmosphere to unload classic, kick-ass death metal even in this day and age, without sounding too modern or like a complete throwback.” AversionOnline.com

“Rarely do Death Metal performances come across clean and powerful on live albums, but these three tracks are quite amazing.” Metal-Rules.com

“True to their World War II themes, “Warsaw Rising” and “Liberators” roll like tanks, while the doomy stomp of Twisted Sister’s “Destroyer” is a surprisingly good fit.” InvisibleOranges.com

“When you think there’s no hope left for brutal music, where every band sounds the same, HAIL OF BULLETS comes along and just level everything with the ground. Pretenders – move over!” Silenoz/DIMMU BORGIR


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