Mighty Mighty BossToneS to release Pin Points And Gin Joints on 12/8 / Hometown Throwdown and Jimmy Kimmel Live confirmed

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones have stuck more pins in the map and pulled more Gin from taps than they care to remember. Over the years they’ve earned the reputation as one of the hardest touring bands in rock. Now they are back with their first full length studio release in seven years. Featuring 14 new songs “Pin Points and Gin Joints” produced by BossTones Dicky Barrett, Joe Gittleman and producer Ted Hutt (Flogging Molly, Street Dogs, Gaslight Anthem) out on December 8, has the band at their fun, exuberant, chaotic best.

“I would most likely say this even if what we created I thought was crap, so I’m not really sure where that places my credibility, but you’ve gotta believe me when I say, this is not only some of the finest music that The BossToneS have put together, but probably some of the finest music ever recorded.”
– states Frontman Dicky Barrett

The BossTones, comfortable in almost any genre, are also patient and passionate songwriters. Blending ska, soul, punk and metal, and arrow to the heart pop in a way only The BossTones can pull off, singer and lyricist Dicky Barrett is at the top of his game as a brash cynic, a harsh critic and a 60-grit crooner with a heart of gold. His voice as both a storyteller and poet is highlighted in songs about family life, politics, war, art, biker gangs, baseball, ska music legends and blue collar stiffs.

“I’m quite proud of our newest recording Pin Points and Gin Joints. We created this one for the BossTone faithful, for ourselves, and for you. Enjoy.”
— Says Barrett

With Pin Points and Gin Joints the BossTones have taken their trademark power chord, driving horns, wicked backbeat sound back to the barroom for another round of shots.

The BossTones will play an outdoor mini concert on Jimmy Kimmel Live on December 11, for tickets go to: http://www.1iota.com/events,4490,Jimmy-Kimmel-MIGHTY-MIGHTY-BOSSTONES-outdoor-mini-concert.html

It’s that time of year again so get set for Boston’s biggest holiday party of the year, the 12th annual Hometown Throwdown kicking off on December 26 – 28 at the House of Blues, December 26 is sold out but there are still a limited amount of tickets on sale for December 27 and 28.



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