Project DNA – S/T (CD)

“Callypso” is the first track on Jimmy Bletcher’s current project, Project DNA. The rock that issues forth from this introductory track has a definite pop edge, but one that is moderated by the inclusion of sizzling horns, splashy drums, and a production that is easily on par with any music that can be heard on radio. “Love Me Tonight” is a track that touches upon a number of different genres and styles, all in the course of the introductory fifteen or so seconds of the song.

This means that there is a heavy nod to mid-nineties alternative rock (Del Amitri, Dishwalla) just as there is the emotional intensity of later acts like Coldplay and a little bit of a “jam” atmosphere (think Dave Matthews). “In A Minute” is a track that showcases further expansion of Project DNA’s style, with a slower and more pensive approach taken. As usual, each piece of the act is spot-on in the creation of a compelling and fulfilling track. The use of a few vocal layers here further flesh out the track, while the chorus will be bouncing around listeners’ heads well after the disc finishes up. “Dumb-Hearted” begins with a very Green album-era Weezer sound that is married to a more sixties sound. The additional vocal accompanying the main make the track even more special, while the inclusion of a Spanish flamenco type of flourish speaks to the skill of Bletcher.

“Falling In Love With You” is evidence that the disc hits on all cylinders throughout, whether listeners are beginning with “Callypso” or ending with “Take Me Away”. “Falling In Love With You” is a vocal-heavy track that would be a mess in the hands of anyone less talented than Bletcher himself. While there are quite active instrumental segments here, Bletcher’s shifts through The Rocket Summer, Maroon 5, and even Fall Out Boy are what really steal the show. With each track a hit, this Project DNA release represents an earlier time in pop music, back when artists cared about the entirety of an album rather than just a few tracks. Give Bletcher a listen in this effort, and see him live if they happen to come to your town.

Top Tracks: Love Me Tonight, Falling In Love With You

Rating: 8.5/10

Project DNA – S/T / 2009 Self / 10 Tracks /

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One thought on “Project DNA – S/T (CD)”

  1. I agree! Love Me Tonight is my personal fav and the 2nd is Falling In Love With You. I enjoy the “pop” flavor and uplifting feel in both songs.

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