The Flaming Tsunamis – Fear Everything (CD)

I don’t know what I was thinking, but I was assuming some sort of indie rock when The Flaming Tsunamis opened up their “Fear Everything” with “The Ritalin Conspiracy”. What really awaits listeners is an eclectic style that mixes noise with odd breakdowns (as is the case with the Big Band interlude present in the first track), in a way that would make Men’s Recovery Project and Agoraphobic Nosebleed proud. Through all of this, a sort of harmony takes over and individuals will be serenades even as they are buffeted by walls and waves of noise.

There is so much present during a track on “Fear Everything” that a three minute runtime will feel like a fifteen minute long Boris track. “Bird-Watching and Vice Versa” is a track that starts up with a very Mighty Mighty Bosstones feel, before the same brand of screaming takes over and does not relinquish control for a decent period. In this track, the vocals seem to be going along an Against Me! style while the guitars flirt with a Zappa-esque sound. Where there had been something in the way of harmony during “The Ritalin Conspiracy”, this increases considerably during “Bird-Watching and Vice Versa”. The band is angling for times for the top 40, but the bipolar side of The Flaming Tsunamis kicks in soon after and burns any bridges that the band might have created beforehand. This eclectic bit of rock will have something for everyone even if individuals don’t like how their favorite genres have been modified and otherwise changed.

What results on “Fear Everything” is an intense but funky album that bounces back and forth between trying to be catchy and trying to blister listeners’ ears with the most brutal constructs that they could possibly create. The band needs to get its day in the sun; this is as if Crazy Town actually had talent, or if 311 really offered the multitude of genres that all their fans say they did. 12 tracks await listeners and a countless number of replays will make sure that this disc is always in the mind of listeners. The Flaming Tsunamis are a great band, there is no doubting that; it will only be a matter of time until the band is mattered in the same breath as acts like At The Drive-In and Queens of the Stone Age. Find a copy and blast the shit out of it.

Top Tracks: Fear Everything, If You Really Love Me

Rating: 8.3/10

The Flaming Tsunamis – Fear Everything / 2006 Kill Normal / 12 Tracks / / / Reviewed 27 January 2007


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