Feldiken – Small Songs About Us (CD)

There is little present on the introductory track of “Small Songs About Us” besides vocals, guitars, and drums. However, there is a fullness to the sound that issues forth that sticks with listeners long after the track ends. There is a decidedly lo-fi feel to this first track that will be eagerly snapped up by fans of sixties rock, indie rock and even those that still have Simon & Garfunkel albums in their apartment. “Living Together” has an equally fun polka veneer on it that brings Feldiken into the They Might Be Giants realm, albeit with a much more rich set of pipes on the vocals. By the time that “Living Together” picks up shop, listeners will have no idea where Feldiken will go with subsequent tracks on the album. That is a good thing, as few current albums really instill a sense of wonder in listeners.

“This Bridge Won’t Burn” is a much more stripped down type of composition when compared to the previous tracks on “Small Songs About Us”. Where the same constellation of instruments are present on “This Bridge Won’t Burn” that are on “Like A Flower”, the paths taken by each of the tracks are decidedly different. “Rockin’ All The Way” is similarly different from the bulk of tracks on “Small Songs About Us”, in that the track has a very Cat Stevens type of sound to it. Where there is a New Orleans flair to the track in much the same way as “Living Together”, Feldiken’s differential approach during this track vis-à-vis the rest of the album ensures for a completely different experience.

Many artists that attempt to touch upon such a varied set of sounds and genres ultimately create music that is sub-par however one attempts to view it. However, Feldiken is able to create an album that is one of the better titles we’ve gotten our hands on this year, and this is largely due to the sense of wonder crafted from “Like A Flower” all the way out to “Live With The Grey”.

Top Tracks: Like A Flower, When I Trust Myself

Rating: 8.0/10

Feldiken – Small Songs About Us / 2010 Self / 10 Tracks / http://www.myspace.com/feldiken

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