Genghis Tron – Dead Mountain Mouth

Genghis Tron – Dead Mountain Mouth / 2006 Crucial Blast / 10 Tracks / / / Reviewed 05 June 2006

To say that Genghis Tron is intense is to give them the short end of the stick. The band may take a few seconds to start off “Dead Mountain Mouth”, but after they do start, there is a blind fury that fuels all of the tracks on the CD. Tracks may be lead by the guitar work of Genghis Tron, but there are moments during “Dead Mountain Mouth” in which the band throws in a little synthesizer or other instrument to keep things interesting. Where each of the tracks preceding it were interesting on their own right, it is only during “From The Aisle” that Genghis Tron climbs up the mountain, to reach the pinnacle soon after. The progressively higher registers of Genghis Tron during the track draw in listeners by the barrelful; the band in this incarnation may only have been around a short period of time, but the individual members of the act are mature as all get out. The band can work a tremendous amount of repetition into their songs and create something beautiful. This is due to the fact that what Genghis Tron does is not just recreate the riff over and over again, but change it enough to keep individuals interested. Thus, the title track may work off a high amount of repetition and also contain enough tweaking with the original formula to make it into a noise meets thrash masterpiece.

The band is thus able to have a certain amount of structure in what is truly a very chaotic and tempestuous type of music. None of the tracks will ever be on pop radio, but there is a catchiness to each of the songs on “Dead Mountain Mouth” that will get individuals herkin’ and jerkin’ about like its’ no one’s business. The fact that the band can include different styles of music during “Dead Mountain Mouth” is the final straw; “White Walls” uses something much more calm and classically-based than anything else on the disc, and yet Genghis Tron can count this track as an unqualified success. The band amazed on their last album, and this full-length shows that the band is able to continue coming up with gold, no matter what the length of the CD. Here’s to hoping that Genghis Tron has much more up their sleeves in the years to come! The album may seem inaccessible to some, but just give it a shot; chances are good that individuals will find something they like in it.

Top Tracks: White Walls, From The Aisle

Rating: 7.1/10


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