The Marine 2 (Blu-Ray)

The original Marine seemed to have a pretty good ending to it, one that didn’t really necessitate a sequel. Where WWE Superstar John Cena was in the original film, Ted DiBiase (son of the famed “Million Dollar Man”) is heading up this one. Joe Linwood (DiBiase) has to save eir wife after a party that both are attending is broken up by a terrorist sect. Stranded without any assistance from anyone or anything – save for eir own skills and weaponry – Joe has to attempt to save all hostages and soundly defeat the terrorists.

There are a few additional special features that viewers can take in to make their Marine 2 experience all the more fulfilling. This means that there is a montage of all the different deleted scenes from the movie (“Making The Cut”), along with a set of scenes that were restored to their full runtime. The other featurettes present go into deep detail about significant bits and pieces of the film./ For example, the choreography and pacing for the final fight is captured in “Village Virtuoso”, where the creative process behind making viewers care about DiBiase’s back story in much the same way they did with John Cena’s is illuminating.

The added room that Fox and WWE Studios had to work with The Marine 2 (the film’s R rating and lack of MPAA oversight) ensure that this film is everything that the first Marine film was unable to be. Viewers that are attempting to find a heady piece of cinema will not find solace in The Marine 2, but this title will be appreciated by a good beat-em-up film in the vein of early Die Hard films. Check it out today!

Rating: 7.3/10

The Marine 2 (Blu-Ray) / 2009 Fox / 95 Minutes / /

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