Asa Brebner – Suenos De Los Muertos (CD)

“You Won’t Know Me” starts off “Suenos De Los Muertos”, and listeners will immediately hear bits of Cat Stevens, Elvis Costello, and even James Taylor in his delivery. The guitars enter into a Jackson Browne sound for the track, giving Brebner a hit off the bat. Where listeners will be bouncing along to this introductory track, “Tired and True” represents a shift in a bold new direction that marries together two distinct musical styles – on one side, the guitars feel influenced by ZZ Top and AC/DC, while the vocals work off of a Tom Petty paradigm.

At the end of the tracks’ four and a half minute run time, what results is another hit for “Suenos De Los Muertos”. The guest vocals on the track allow for further differentiation of this track from “You Won’t Know Me” as well as opening up Brebner’s possibilities on the rest of “Suenos De Los Muertos”. “I Am Not Gone” is a slower track that links together Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, and Bob Dylan, with a slightly Spanish feel that sets off the track as unique and special, even on an album of solid tracks. Where each track on “Suenos De Los Muertos” does come from a specific set of influences, Brebner’s own unique music style comes through. It takes a tremendous talent to go forth and be able to bring together such disparate music styles, and even more of one to not allow these influences to engulf the resulting recording, but Brebner’s own style shines through the whole album.
“Gate of Hell” is a last hurrah for “Suenos De Los Muertos”, allowing for a final bit of catchiness to be present even as Brebner continues to experiment and modify his own sound.
With this track, Brebner approaches a number of sixties genre, despite the track working well in current music circles. This is true rock, not hard nor heavy, but intense and emotional, while still clear-headed enough to make some thoughtful and skillful instrumental arrangements. Buy this album directly from Brebner and see exactly what I am talking about.

Top Tracks: You Won’t Know Me, I Am Not Gone

Rating: 8.4/10

Asa Brebner – Suenos De Los Muertos / 2010 Self / 11 Tracks / /

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