Girl Talk – Night Ripper (CD)

Girl Talk is a great act, and they build their fame on slicing and dicing the hooks and choruses from a number of different artists’ tracks. In doing that, they are able to create very interesting and compelling compositions off this foundation. Most of the clips that they use are from R&B and rap tracks, but to be honest there are parts from all sorts of different genres. The titles of tracks during this album are a little misleading; the whole disc works well as a composition and there are really not any steadfast lines for when a track should and shouldn’t stop. If I said that this was a brilliant album, I would still only capture just a part of the amazingness that is Girl Talk.

This album works on so many level. Do individuals just want to go and try to decipher the different songs that Girl Talk uses to construct their own sounds? Do they want to ignore all the clips and rather just focus on the interplay between the clips? Regardless of what individuals want to do with “Night Ripper”, they will be sated. There are distinctly different styles and atmospheres created by different sections of the disc. For example, “Smash Your Head” is a fundamentally slower song than “Once Again”. Of course, the tempo is created from the clips that are present in the track, but the tempo is a conscious decision of Girl Talk. To create something so compelling, perfectly-rounded, and fitting is hard enough when you are working with your own music; to find all the right tracks created by other artists is exponentially harder. If Girl Talk had only one track on this album, it would be worth the purchase price; individuals can decipher any of the songs on “Night Ripper” for hours and still not see all the interplay, stated and hidden, that Girl Talk noticed before sticking them together.

I don’t know how the band would expand upon the sound that they confront listeners with on “Night Ripper”, but this mash-up style could conceivably go on for albums and albums as long as Girl Talk do not just create tracks because they have been forced to. If the arrangements flow naturally, I can see bi-yearly collections of music each garnering the same high marks from magazines and websites worldwide. You aren’t a music fan unless you buy this album.

Top Tracks: Minute By Minute, Once Again

Rating: 9.2/10

Girl Talk – Night Ripper / 2006 Illegal Part / 16 Tracks / / / Reviewed 04 August 2006


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