Goldenboy – Underneath The Radio (CD)

The sly style of Goldenboy during “Underneath the Radio” is something that has not been heard in this style since the shoegazer style lost some of its pull after the turn of century. The disc’s first track is “Ice Breaker Blues”, and also ominously the longest track on the disc. However, Goldenboy is able to include enough in the way of extra material to keep individuals hanging on to every word. If Goldenboy would have worked within the same small box for the entirety of the track, chances are that this disc would not have went off a half as well as it ultimately does. “Summer of the Evening” continues this same style, while adding a little bit of speed to Goldenboy’s compositions. The slight shift in styles will mean that listeners can coast through this album without finding anything major in fault; Goldenboy knows how to work the knobs and the frets for maximum satisfaction.

Each of the tracks, regardless of its length, goes through their motions quickly. A track like “Motorbike” may play on a Morrissey type of vocal style, but regardless of the early nineties sound here, Goldenboy makes each jangly guitar riff something that individuals need to listen to. Goldenboy is not a major act on the alternative stations as of yet, but I have little doubt in my mind that the act will be big here in a year or so. Each of the songs on “Underneath the Radio” is solid, and is something that could be played on popular radio throughout the entirety of these United States.

As for anything that I would change, nothing comes to mind; this is a pop album that one would be hard-pressed to find a fault with. Perhaps the best track on this album is “End of Forever”, a track that perfectly shows listeners the dusk of life. This would be the perfect ending for a film, if any aspiring film directors would be privy to the music that Goldenboy puts to disc with each track on “Underneath the Radar”. Goldenboy has created the pop album of the year with “Underneath the Radio”. I have no doubt that Goldenboy will be making it big here I the next few years, so one can only hope that the right individuals find this disc and devour every last note that is thrown out by the band. Find it and buy it.

Top Tracks: I’m Still Down, Perfect One

Rating: 7.2/10

Goldenboy – Underneath The Radio / 2006 Eenie Meenie / 12 Tracks / / / Reviewed 17 September 2006


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