Goldfrapp – Supernature

Goldfrapp – Supernature / 2006 Mute / 11 Tracks / / / Reviewed 25 March 2006

There are multiple styles that influence Goldfrapp’s “Supernature”. At some point, the vocals during tracks like “Ooh La La” mix together Kylie Minogue and Madonna, while the instrumentation is a blend of organic, rock, and alternative musics.

“Lovely 2 C U” is another slice of smart British pop, with enough synthesizer present in the track to excite even the most fair-weather fan of electronic music. The tracks run well into each other, but there is no problem isolating one or two tracks and pushing them forth as singles. What is amazing about “Supernature” is the fact that individuals can turn on “Ooh La La” and listen all the way through the disc, until the final song (Number 1) and feel as if this is a forty-five mite mix CD. Everything is chill and laid back; this is “Very” era Pet Shop Boys instead of the 300bpm sweat-dance tracks that dominated the late nineties. “U Never Know” is a track that has nearly the same overall sound as the rest of the tracks on “Supernature”, but the backing beat is what really changes the context of the track. This means that “U Never Know” is a song that relies on much more of a triphop style.

This triphop gambit pays off well for Goldfrapp, as individuals hear something that is essentially a 180 in regards to the music that was previously on this disc. This trend continues with the drum beat for “Let It Take U”, a Spartan track that will lull listeners in and then strike at all the right times. Goldfrapp is not cut from the same cloth as the rest of the UK divas; there is a solid musicianship behind every one of the tracks during “Supernature” that actually overtakes Alison’s vocals in prominence a number of times during the disc. “Fly Me Away” is a perfect example of one of these tracks where the instruments surpass the vocals; the intricate lines present on the track will bring tears to listeners’ eyes even as Alison’s vocals slyly lay over the instrumentation. Each of the songs on “Supernature” could make it onto a mix CD, and it is this dedication to each and every song on this disc that will most likely make this disc fly off the shelves. The style that is approached may sound a little old, but the basic fact about Goldfrapp is that the band is talented enough to reach even to the current day.

Top Tracks: U Never Know, Ooh La La

Rating: 6.4/10


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