Deep Elm Records Releases SHE BEARS “I Found Myself Asleep”

Don’t be fooled by the warm welcome. SHE BEARS aren’t just here to entice you with memorable lyrics and catchy refrains. That’s not their aim. Layering their debut “I Found Myself Asleep” with crushing piano melodies, powerful guitar work, subtle electronica and diary-relatable lyrics, She Bears claim ownership of their own undeniably honest brand of musical mastery. This energetic indie rock six-piece finds themselves immersed in a menagerie of life’s ups and downs, lifted hearts and letdowns. Exploring the raw reality of pushing through life without knowing where one’s path may lead, She Bears succinctly capture the feeling of young adulthood. Internal dialogue is never expected to be shared or delivered with such emotional connectedness, but these young bears chronicle such personal moods effortlessly. “The theme of the record basically comes down to the idea that when you aren’t paying attention to life, whether positive or negative, you may miss valuable lessons…things can get by you” says vocalist Stephen Pence. This record not only finds your ears, but also your heart with a powerful dose of what it means to search, feel and pray to come out on the other side of life victorious.

This album marks Deep Elm Records’ 150th release! And with the addition of She Bears, the Deep Elm Records roster of fine recording artists now includes Lions (The Lions Rampant), Tigers (Track A Tiger) and Bears…Oh My!

“This album has so much going on – in a good way – that it shames bands who have huge followings and big recording contracts (ahem, Arcade Fire). Well played and tight, each song sweeping along and building slowly toward moments of climax, only to strip those away again and expose bridges of lush orchestration.” – Aquabear Legion

For Fans Of: Arcade Fire, The White Octave, Of Montreal, Wolf Parade, Pedro the Lion, Modest Mouse

Genre(s): Indie Rock, Emo, Indie Pop

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