Emily Grogan – At Sea (CD)

Emily Grogan – At Sea / 2007 One Way / 13 Tracks / http://www.emilygrogan.com / http://www.onewayproductions.com / Reviewed 24 February 2007

The heavily vocal introduction during “End of the Line” is an interesting approach to open this album, but the softly-spoken style leads into a much more straightforward brand of alternative rock that blends together The Pretenders with Suzanne Vega. While the track is well over four minutes, the energy exerted by Grogan on this track is enough to keep individuals interested as they move into “Time Is Waiting”. “Time Is Waiting” is another track that starts off slow and gains energy as it rolls on. The Freddy Mercury-like vocals that are present during this track shows that the influence base for Grogan is larger than many individuals would expect.

This also means that more individuals could appreciate Grogan’s work, always a good thing for someone that is still trying to reach the big time. “weathervane” is another landmark track for Grogan, as the incorporate of a more ambient, string-heavy style to the typical pop/alternative rock of Grogan’s makes the disc gain that much more energy. The splashing drums during this track highlight the vocals that much further. During this track, Grogan even assumes the same type of compelling vocal style of individuals like Kelly Clarkson and Stevie Nicks. Having a talented backing band is something that a number of these solo performers never seem to do, and to hear a capable backing band as Grogan has gives me hope that more individuals will do this in the future.

The repetitious backing beat of the band during “Lost at Sea” (the almost-title track) is perhaps the strongest output by the band during this track, as the energy that the band creates for this track makes Grogan’s stock rise so much. One could hear this track on any indie rock radio station, and the follow-up track to “Lost At Sea”, “Restless Souls” is no slouch either. “Restless Souls” shows Grogan’s influences as being oriented with the Vega / Tori Amos line more than anything, and this track has to be classified as a success, any way one looks at it. This disc is something that individuals could conceivably stick in their CD player for a length of time and never have it get old. The compositions are just so bold yet smoothed out, so different yet so widely-encompassing. Grogan succeeds on all counts during “At Sea” and makes individuals want to pick up eir back catalog and anything else that ye might release in the next few years.

Top Tracks: Psychedelia in A, Lost at Sea

Rating: 6.7/10


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