Go Rimbaud – The Ground Zero Tourist Song (CD)

Go Rimbaud – The Ground Zero Tourist Song / 2 Tracks / Self-Released / http://www.go-rimbaud.com / gr@go-rimbaud.com

Go Rimbaud is a band that almost eludes catagorisation, but yet I will try. The music on this disc is definitely something one can imagine hearing on the radio. Three singers go at it during the whole song, both singing at the same time, and the dissonance that their voices make on the track provides another instrument. When there is that odd moment when the deeper-voiced male singer drops out, he takes over the role of the higher-voiced singer with a trade-off not unlike that of a rapper freestyling. Using elements of Gorki’s Zygotic Mynci, Neil Young, The Stray Cats, The Streets, and literally hundreds of other bands, Go Rimbaud makes their own style of music work in a time when conformity is key. With a very computer-sounding opening to the first track, one almost wonders if this is more of a nod to An Albatross or Nintendo Teenage Robots than intentionally trying to make a different sound. The second track, without the benefit of proper recording and being live, is much weaker than the opening track. However, as amazing as the first track was, there can only be a disappointment when one hears Go Rimbaud live. While there are only two tracks on this demo disc, the beginning lyrics on the first track along would be enough for three complete songs, and one only will wonder if Go Rimbaud will be this catchy or endearing when a full disc of their works come out.

Top Track : The Ground Zero Tourist Song

Rating : 6.8/10

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