Greyfield – Soundtrack to Our Summer (CD)

Greyfield – Soundtrack to Our Summer / Search and Rescue Records, PO Box 8260, Ann Arbor, MI 48107 / 2003 / /

Honestly, to me this band does not sound very innovative, instead striving to glomming onto the many of the emo bands that have been popular in the last half-decade, without really going and making something innovative. In fact, this CD sounds so polished that it really goes in one ear and out the other without making an impression on the listener. Sure, the songs are interesting, and do detail the typical topics of emo music (lost love, mainly), but they again, do not really break from the mold of the traditional emo band. Perhaps this disc is not totally indicative of Greyfield, as this is only a six song EP, and pieces that cut through the murkiness of the rest of the disc (e.g. The first twenty seconds of “Note to Self”). By far, the most catchy song of the entire disc is the aforementioned track “Note to Self”, which mixes jangly Blink 182-style guitars with JFT and old Unwritten Law vocal delivery. By no means, what is weak on this disc is not the technical playing of any of the instruments or the creations of lyrics, but their desire to keep along the same paths that have been trodden by so many other acts. The energy level of the act is simply amazing, and the music will get you up and dancing or skanking in any dance hall that you may be at, but if you are one that tends to get tired of scores of bands trying to do the same thing, you may have to sit out during the Greyfield songs.

Rating : 6.1/10

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