Haale – Paratrooper (CD)

Haale – Paratrooper / 2007 Self / 5 Tracks / http://www.haale.com / http://www.musicandart.net / Reviewed 02 June 2007

While it may seem as if Bjork is trying to make a more gothic sounding effort in Haale’s “Paratrooper”, I would have to say that the overall sound is much more diverse and full that the average Bjork track. There is the same type of atmosphere present as ambient music, but there is more than a fair share of goth influence during the disc’s first track, “Floating Down”. While the tracks on this EP are all fluctuating around the five minute mark, the different movements during the tracks are distinct enough from each other to allow for individuals to maintain their interest.

However, this differentiation is not something that is complete and compelling throughout the entirety of “Floating Down”. It feels as if Haale is struggling towards the end of the track trying to keep things new and fresh. The way that “Home Again” starts is much more conducive to the overall sound of rock radio. While there are still the links to goth music present during this track, the vocal harmonies are given a more focal point. This is a large step for Haale, and the fact that this track is around three and a half minutes is enough to give fans a little bit of an idea about what Haale has to bring to the table. The make or break track on “Paratrooper” has to be “Ay Del”, the disc’s longest track, and also the middle-point during the album. The same tribal type of sounds that have been present in the first two tracks of the album are present during “Ay Del”, but it almost feels like Haale is adding a little more Western type of sound to the disc.

This gives the disc a little more of a spark, but it feels as if by this point of the disc, that ey is spinning eir wheels slightly. There iss till th same type of ambient, gothic influence through this tracks. I can understand what Haale is doing with the songs on the disc, but there seems to be almost too much cohesion on this album. I want to hear more of what Haale can do, instead of just being impressed with what ey can do in one field. I know that there is a lot of talent present in Haale’s body, but with such a close grouping of tracks, one has to wonder how exactly ey could come forth with twice as much material and ensure that things are kept interesting.

Top Track: Ay Del

Rating: 5.6/10


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