Haiku – Blew (CD)

Our last review of a rap CD involved one of the individuals that Haiku thanks in eir “Blew”: Meaty Ogre. That CD wasn’t that impressive, but “Blew” starts off in a much stronger way. The first track on this CD is “Blue”, and the song is strong in the sense that it uses a more classic backing beat, all while the flow is some of the more fresh and current that could grace a CD. The faster approach of “Widow’s Peak” drops the vintage backing beats, but replaces that with a more electronic meets tribal sound that perfectly highlights the flow present on the track. While there might be small problems in regards to the level of the vocals vis-à-vis the instrumentation. “For That” brings the vocals up a shade while still having the same interesting backing beat that was present during “Widow’s Peak”.

While individuals may not be familiar with Haiku at this day and time, the intensity which is present throughout the entirety of this CD will garner more fans as intrepid individuals pick up the disc. “Betty Blue” is the next strong track that Haiku creates on “Blew”. The flow is strong, as is typical with the track on the disc, but the tinny backing beat (pulling its sound from another track) adds another dimension to the track that just increases Haiku’s stock that much more. The scratching that presents itself in the background of “Dunce Cap Blues” just adds another quirk to what is already a full plate with this album. Tracks like “The Conductor” may not be ready for rotation, but provide individuals with yet another solid track by Haiku.

There is not chaff as much as there are tracks that keep up the energy and momentum between the single tracks. The soulful sounds of the seventies come back in a major way for the dominant backdrop of “Every Room”. The flow is still quick, but one has to realize that the flow is moderated by this more soap-opera like beat. This track is more of an interlude between “The Conductor” and “Wanting to Want It”, but it is still strong and is not a throw away, “skit” track like many rappers are apt to do on their own albums. Haiku’s “Blew” is one of the stronger rap discs of 2007, and individuals will be able to ride eir flow over and over again throughout this year.

Top Tracks: Betty Blue, Somber Collage

Rating: 6.5/10

Haiku – Blew / 2006 Bonafyde / 17 Tracks / http://www.bonafyde.net / Reviewed 25 February 2007


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