Hanover Saints – Murdertown (CD)

Hanover Saints – Murdertown / 2006 GMM / 15 Tracks / http://www.thehanoversaints.com / http://www.gmmrecords.net / Reviewed 19 May 2006

Each of the songs on “Murdertown” is really clean and clear for streetpunk music, but at some point there is nothing harder and more fun than what the Hanover Saints put onto this disc. The first track that will hit listeners over the head repeatedly has to be “The Crosshairs”. From the shrill, Bad Religion like guitars that are present throughout the track to the all-in chorus that drives the track home, listeners know that the Hanover Saints aren’t about bullshitting their fans. The bass line that threads itself through “Blood Guts and Glory” is something that even Matt Freeman would love, as the guitars shred and thrash, raging through the two minutes of the track.

There are a number of styles that present themselves during “Cheap Plastic Heroes”, styles that include a Descendents scowl while the guitars, stripped down as they are remind listeners of a blend of Megadeth and Sum 41. The vocals jump on the Sum 41 bandwagon, but the statement is not intended to be a dig on the Hanover Saints; Sum 41 actually has their guitar skills down. Each of the tracks may only be two minutes or so, but the Hanover Saints create a specific sound that will stick with listeners long after the disc is done. This may just be the best GMM album since they cut the last Patriot disc; Hanover Saints are a punk band that takes up where Rancid stopped off with “And Out Come The Wolves”, but without all the posturing bull-shit.

This album is better than the last Roger Miret and the Disasters album, and that’s saying a lot; individuals can sing along to every track on this disc only after listening to it a few times. Each member of Hanover Saints throws down on this disc, and does it in a way that shows that the band strives for perfection in everything that they do. I am convinced that “Murdertown” is the best punk album of the year, as it ties the catchiness of the Ramones and Rancid while still having a streetpunk edge to them that no one can remove. The band has even thrown enough songs on here (15) to ensure that the album has a normal runtime (35 minutes). Is there anything that they have forgotten to do for their fans on this disc? I really do not think so. Pick this shit up!

Top Tracks: My Stereo, The Crosshairs

Rating: 8.1/10


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