As expected, the mini-tour featuring Ibex Moon Records’ HOD and GRAVEHILL was a whirlwind of brutality that left the state of Texas in shambles. Over the course of three shows the Ibex Moon labelmates set a new standard for live intensity as each band delivered some of the best extreme metal in the underground today. HOD guitarist Carl “Lord Necron” Snyder issued this summary of the slaughter:
“The Texas onslaught with GRAVEHILL has been merciless. P.A. Systems crashing to ground. Women beating women. Men beating men. Holy hell it’s been brutal! GRAVEHILL’s death metal assault has to be wtinessed live to understand the brutality. HOD has unleashed some new songs on this tour including “Under Tyranny’s Hammer” and “Walking Wounded.” The crowd resonse has been killer for the new material. We hope to see all you maniacs out on the road soon.”

HOD’s Serpent was released last year on Ibex Moon Records, an album that Zero Tolerance called a “venomous explosion of black, death, and thrash metal fury” and Terrorizer called “non-commercialised, uncompromising and slightly unhinged death metal.” www.myspace.com/hodtheband.


Mar 13 The Nat Ballroom – West Texas Death Fest Amarillo, TX

Mar 16 Club Encore w/ Book of Black Earth Austin, TX

Mar 18 Pedicab Bar w/ Withered, Javelina, & Howl San Antonio, TX

May 21 The Ten Eleven w/ The Gates of Slumber & Bastardwolf San Antonio, TX

June 6 Emo’s w/ Obituary & Pack of Wolves Austin, TX

June 19 TBA Hattiesburg or Jackson, MS

July 9 TBA w/ Immolith & Maax Austin, TX

July 10 TBA w/ Immolith & Maax Dallas or Houston?

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