Vitamin D – Bridge (CD)

“Keeper” is the first track on “Bridge”, and it includes various typewriter noises in the creation off a compelling pop track that looks for inspiration from the mid nineties and early 2000s. The horn that threads its way through the track represents a further shift from the normal, and showcases exactly how unique Vitamin D truly is. “Bartlett Bridge” continues the trends laid out first during “Keeper”, with a horn representing a common thread to be heard on the album. With a much more serious and somber tone achieved here, the range of Vitamin D is furthered.

Each subsequent track on “Bridge” furthers the range of tools that listeners can expect from Vitamin D, along with providing some catchy music that will stick with listeners throughout. “Upstaged” has a deliberate opening in the vein of The Proclaimers, with the vocals approaching that of Fastball or The Wallflowers. The drums are what shines the brightest during this track, as they provide a shaping to the tempo with a sound that touches upon martial drumming as well as the splashy sounds of the sixties boy band craze.

“Solid Day” is a sleeper track in the sense that the progression is astounding; the track gradually builds up to an intense conclusion, all while the vocals are couched in a slower, Chris Isaak style. Where most artists seem to shine on one facet – be it guitars, vocals, drums, or the like – “Bridge” is special in the sense that all elements are memorable and work together to create something that is greater than the sum of their parts. Even later disc tracks like “Hopscotch” continue this trend, as Vitamin D first create a musical context for a non-vocal narrative to be rendered. This backdrop needs nothing more than a set of keys, and what results with the track is some of the richest and most fulfilling music we have heard. Check out Vitamin D and see exactly how impressive pop-influenced music can be.

Top Tracks: Keeper, Astoria Bridge

Rating: 8.1/10

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