Arthur Nasson to release Multi-Part Suite this Summer

Arthur Nasson was set to leave his basement studio and pack up the van to tour the East Coast with his 12-year old son on drums, when he was struck by a sudden change of heart. A journey was being framed in his mind, but it wasn’t for the road, it was for the quarter inch reel tape. Nasson’s flash of inspiration led him back down the stairs of his Scabby Road studio to work on his multi-part suite, an as yet untitled album for release later this Summer.

After promoting his low-fi rock-work False Prophets and the experimental Life After Telescopes for the past twenty months, Arthur was prepared to take the songs on the road, but would rather dedicate his time to the sprawling piece he’s envisioned in his head.

Arthur Nasson affirms, “It’s very strange, right now. Every time I go near any instrument, a river of music pours out. If I am out for a walk or sound asleep in the middle of the night, music just shows up. I can’t turn it off. I am not slowing down to heavily analyze what appears, as much as quickly record the ideas.”

Arthur Nasson’s False Prophets and Life After Telescope are currently available via his own Philistine Records.
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