The original electro-funk song contains 2 additional remixes –

the first by UK’s multi-award winning Breakbeat duo NAPT, and the second by Breaks producer S.T.Louder.

Like many J.Viewz songs – this one also features the talented Noa Lembersky on vocals (whom can be recognized as the lead singer of J.Viewz Live and by her performance on one of their previous singles together – Smooth Criminal)

This single is the second track off the new album/project, WORK IN PROGRESS, which is being released in a ground-breaking fashion suited to fit the ever-changing digital industry landscape. J.Viewz is ‘filling up’ the next album’s tracklist one song per month. As soon as a track is finished at the studio – it’s being uploaded to the “Work in Progress” website, immediately available for free download for members.

Other than the free download for all the remixes, members of “Work in Progress” also get a free pass to all the downloadable content created in the album-making process, including exclusive edits, demo versions, remix stems, making-of videos, etc. At the end of the album-making process members also get the finished CD by mail (or email, for the digital edition)

Jonathan Dagan, the musical genius behind the J.Viewz multi-genre jazz-electronica project, encourages the criticism from the community as he will use their input and ideas in the completion of each track. To understand this progressive approach to music is to understand the origin of the album title – WORK IN PROGRESS is set to be a literal work in progress using the creativity and uniqueness that defines the J.Viewz project as a whole.

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