Chilean death metal act and Ibex Moon recording artists Thornafire will step in front of the camera this month to film the first video off of their latest album, Vorex Deconstruccion. The band has chosen the track, “Deconstruccion,” a song which bassist / vocalist Alexis Munoz describes as a “futuristic song inspired by the religious and social decline experienced in the current era Eon oh Hourus,” for the video. The video was filmed, produced and edited by Daniel Duarte [] in a professional TV studio Santiago, Chile.

Thornafire has captured the true spirit of a Southern American death metal style that worships at the altar of the ancient ones and takes it cues from the likes Morbid Angel, Krisiun, (early) Sepultura, and Pentagram (Chile), while putting its own unique spin on the genre. On Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation, Thornafire burned through 46 minutes of more groove-filled pummel, killer riffs, and occult/anti-Christian atmosphere than even the truest believers could handle without bowing down in obeisance to the Chilean DM gods. The combination of Juan Pablo Donoso’s batter and clatter drumming, Victor Mac-Namara’s giant array of monster riffs, and bassist Alexis Munoz’s David-Vincent-meets-Tom-G-Warrior vocals was nothing short of explosive. The follow up to the monolithic debut, Vorex Deconstrucción, is sure to be another Metal of Death tour de force and was released in July 2009 on Ibex Moon Records.

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