Darklight Corporation – Darklight Corporation (CD)

“One Man Revolution” is a furious bit of hard rock that has more than its fair share of metal influences. Think about bands like Hellyeah and Black Label Society and one gets some semblance of what Darklight Corporation immediately assaults their listeners with. Instead of merely crafting a carbon copy of what is current, Darklight Corporation creates something unique that touches upon a number of distinct influences. The aforementioned “One Man Revolution” contains a little bit of Static-X and White Zombie at the periphery, something that stands in stark contrast to “Born To Govern”.

“Born To Govern” is pure speed, as the act takes DevilDriver and Morbid Angel, smashes them together, and throws in some crunchy guitars and splashy drums. Rather than trying to appease the technical metalheads, Darklight Corporation is able to make intricate compositions catchy as all get out – I could definitely hear the band on XM’s Liquid Metal, for example. “Lockdown” continues with a dense drum line, but adds a hint of groove to stand alongside an additional presence – a dystopian, electronic framing.

This seemingly-random inclusion is yet another reason why this self-titled album works. Where a number of metal acts pound their listeners into the ground with ten or twelve cuts of the exact same style and sound, Darklight Corporation keeps things fresh through the inclusion of these different facets. Where I would normally take a metal band’s CD out of the player soon after reviewing it, I feel that Darklight Corporation’s has the legs to sustain listeners through multiple plays. “Panic Attack” showcases that the band does not rest on their laurels towards the end of the record; the pacing of the track shifts throughout, but the talent of the band is enough to keep things together. What ultimately results with “Panic Attack” is a track that distinguishes itself from the rest of metal out today, as the different segments of the track show that the band is head and shoulders above others of their ilk.

Top Tracks: One Man Revolution, Panic Attack

Rating: 8.3/10

Darklight Corporation – Darklight Corporation / 2010 Self / 9 Tracks / http://www.darklightcorporation.com /

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