Infliction – The Silence (CD)

Infliction – The Silence / 2005 Cruz Del Sur / 11 Tracks / / / Reviewed 16 January 2006

This is an interesting mix; Italy’s Infliction mix together the most deep and heavy black metal with a goth/synthpop type of vocals that are first shown during a track like “Eyeseeblack”. Three styles of vocals dominate during “The Silence”; the gothic, slower style, the more thrashy, screamed out vocals of tracks like “Redhouse”, and the cookie monster type of vocals that find their way to the forefront. “Poisonradio” is the first Infliction song that really moves beyond simple metal into having a life that could entail radio and video play; beyond that, it has an intensity and quality that true music aficionados could appreciate.

The much more sedate “Nocturnal” shows a return to the gothic style of “Eyeseeblack”, but to a much larger degree than the former track. The band does not dwell on any one style for an extended length of time; this is the best in keeping “The Silencer” fresh and individuals interested in how the disc turns out. If the average listener does not know where the band will go for their next song, the natural curiosity of these individual will keep them hanging on. In what is the shortest track on “The Silencer”, “Welcome” shows Infliction as masters of a nuanced sound. This track is important in giving Infliction another facet that will draw listeners further into their love of the band. The use of a piano-type sound during “Paperlife” is a nice bridge between the slower, sedate sound of “Welcome” and the traditional death metal sound of the rest of “The Silencer”. The tracks on “The Silencer” spin by quickly; even considering that the average track is well over four minutes, listeners will find that “Thirtyseven” is playing after only what seemed to them to be about ten minutes of music.

“Thirtyseven” is the band’s next track, as even with the swirling constructs on the track, the Megadeth-like vocals that dominate during the track really will be amenable to all listeners. There is something for everyone on “The Silencer”, and Infliction never once works underneath their ability; the talent that resides behind each track is shown regardless of whether the band is trying to be black metal, death metal, goth, or even progressive rock. Italian bands do not typically get much notice in the United States, but Infliction might be the one exception to that rule. This eclectic brand of metal is fresh and should remain so even as this album fades more and more into history.

Top Tracks: The Voice, Poisonradio

Rating: 7.0/10


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