Intrinzik – Double U I Double L (CD)

Intrinzik – Double U I Double L / 15 Tracks / 2004 Intrinz Ink / / / Reviewed 18 April 2004

Intrinzik is a key member of Arizona’s Fall Guy, and this album is an album in which we finally see where Intrinzik wants to go. We are immediately assaulted with a diverse sound that mixes together Cypress Hill, House of Krazees, and Kid Rock, along with nu-metal riffs that fit the tracks like a glove. Intrinzik is the master of the chorus, throwing hooks out there like a master fisherman, pulling in listeners like so many idiot fish. Starting out “Company Time” with the most embarrassing of pseudo-skits, Intrinzik practrically saves the track with the electronic-sounding back beat and the simplistic hook of “I wrote this rhyme/on company time”. Continuing the earworm parade with “$”, Intrinzik is able to go and create a compelling sound, incorporating something in the way of narrative with still being able to having that sing-along chorus that all popular rap songs have nowadays. “$” transcends the already high quality of “Double U I Double L” and would be equally at home on any rap-radio station.

“Self Defense” is a weaker track on the disc, but this is weak only in relation to the rest of the disc, not to the rest of rap. Some sections of “Self Defense” seem a little bare in terms of recording, and while this is a minor problem, the track is still leaps and bounds about what is being called rap in this current time. In the intensely personal “Roads”, Intrinzik mixes in piano and an Eastern violin to create an ethereal flow that makes eir’s rough voice even more grave and gravelly. In a track that I’m going to give “Most Fucked Up Lyrics of 2004” to, “Safe Sex” is a track that destroys any notion of the title action with these lyrics: “You took birth control that was selfish of you / Cause if I got your ass pregnant, yo we’d never be trough / We could get all dressed up meet each other at court /I could visit you at school and pay your child support / It’s at the kids expense and he’s my souvenir / Of my missionary mission of fucking you from the rear”.

“Double U I Double L” is an album that will be one of the most underrated rap CDs of 2004. Intrinzik is able to go and incorporate so many different styles and sounds into one cohesive unit, one cohesive music that is absolutely and unmistakably Intrinzik’s. The subject material is always fun, sometimes serious, and the entire disc is something that can stand repeated playings.

Rating : 7.9/10

Top Track: $, Safe Sex

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